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Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee

Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee
Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Detail

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Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Description

Based on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the Hasbro Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Figure is the premium movie-adapted Transformers toy on the market. Designed for ages five and older, and standing an impressive 14 inches tall, this action figure is more than deserving of the title “Ultimate.” With a sleek design, battle and conversation sounds, and advanced animatronics system, Ultimate Bumblebee is an ideal toy for serious Transformers collectors. TRANSFORMERS Movie 2Ultima…

BUMBLEBEE stayed on Earth after the destruction of the AllSpark to continue protecting his friend Sam, and he has stayed with the young human every day since. As more DECEPTICONS have appeared to threaten Earth, the friendship between boy and robot has become something more. Now, human and AUTOBOT are teammates in a battle for the fate of the world, and neither will rest until every last DECEPTICON is a smoking wreck. The biggest robot star in the world is back! BUMBLEBEE is ready to rol…

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Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee

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